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 Welcome to the Reiki Room! 

Susan Vazal, RMT, CYT and Theresa Cifone, RN, RMT founded the Reiki Room in 1994 to provide Certified Reiki Training Classes empowering people in their own wellness journey and to establish a Professional Reiki Therapy Practice to serve people suffering with all types of ailments. We've expanded wellness services including Yoga therapy classes and a variety of educational holistic workshops that promote balanced wellness for the body, mind and spirit. and provide our students with ongoing education and practice. We also offer Massage Therapy and Reflexology with Teri Bruce, LMT.  The Reiki Room provides Wellness Programs at The American Cancer Society, Ellis Medicine, General Electric and Camp Bravehearts. We are a local business - that means we are here for you when you complete a Reiki class, with practice workshops each month for students to network and develop your skills. We are always available by phone, text and email just to talk. We volunteer our services in our community to hospitals, cancer support groups and colleges. We Care.

Reiki Therapy - What's it all about?
Reiki is a gentle non-invasive energy therapy that restores your balance. It reduces stress and pain as it infuses your body with fresh energy. Our bodies are designed to be self-healing, but with overwhelming amounts of stress, environmental toxins and daily overuse they have a difficult time keeping up! Reiki 
assists with your self-healing by providing a fresh source of natural energy for the body to rebuild itself. 

Therapy Sessions:
Reiki therapy from an experienced therapist is the most relaxing gift you can give yourself.  It promotes overall stress relief and pain reduction while you increase your general wellness. Reiki also provides symptomatic relief for those who suffer from chronic & debilitating diseases including arthritis, cancer, depression, heart attack, MS, PTSD and strokes. Equally important is the reduction in recovery time from surgery that Reiki therapy facilitates. All local hospitals currently offer Reiki therapy to facilitate patient recovery. You can continue your recovery with Reiki therapy after you return home! We recommend a monthly treatment plan to maintain and refresh your wellness journey.

To Schedule a Reiki Therapy Session, call or text Sue at 518-867-7833 or email
Office hours are 
flexible, including day, evening & weekend. One hour office appointment: $90.00 

Reiki Training:
You can safely and easily learn Reiki therapy to enhance your own relaxation, pain relief & wellness. Anyone can learn! This is a natural healing method you can use for yourself to manage your wellness and also share it with others! It's effortless, simply a gift of understanding. The core benefit is Empowerment - with you actively engaged in your own continued self-healing.

We train in three styles of Reiki: The most widely known (1) Usui "Western" Reiki, the advanced symbolic (2) Karuna Reiki and the more spiritual (3) Komyo Reiki. Most beginning students start their training with Usui Reiki I. We plan small group classes so you are able to interact with your fellow students and receive the attention you deserve from your teacher. We offer a variety of weekend and mid-week classes. If you don't see one that works for your schedule, call us and we'll develop one for you!  If you are a medical professional we will develop a personal training schedule that works with your availability. Join a class - Change your life! 
For detailed class descriptions click here: classes

Three Easy Steps to Get Started:
1. Start with Usui Level I - the Basic Class where you learn how to work with and experience the Energy
2. Choose the Date that works with your schedule (schedule below or call for alternate dates)
3. Register for the Class!

Yoga Therapy: With Sue Vazal, Certified Yoga Teacher - Pre-registration is required: 518-867-7833.

Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Group ($10 per session):
 1 hour group class is small (limit 6). Focus is on movement, awareness, breathing and stretching, while building strength and flexibility.  Tuesdays - 10:30 am; Wednesdays: 4 pm

Yoga & Reiki Integrated Therapy - Private Session ($40): A pre-scheduled series of One hour sessions combine elements of hatha & chair yoga and Reiki Therapy to gain flexibility & strength and restore peace & balance! Isn't it time to empower yourself? 

Pilates Mat Class: 45 minute basic pilates class, weekly beginning in September - $15 per session
dates will be posted mid August!

Massage Therapy: NYS Licensed Massage Therapist: Teri Bruce, LMT 
Teri offers evening and weekend appointments for Massage, Reflexology & Aromatherapy and Energy work. She will develop a personalized healing session for you, prices starting at $75.00!  Call her directly at 518-366-4177 or email at to schedule your appt.

Gift Certificates: 
for all Sessions, Classes & Workshops can be ordered through the PayPal drop down box below,
or by calling 518-867-7833. 

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June 2016

Usui Level I Class $200
Take the first step and explore how energy works!

Begin your journey into empowerment!
Saturday June 11 from 10:00 to 3:00

Reiki and Beyond $100
A very special workshop for experienced Reiki Masters
(both practitioners and teachers).

We will move beyond basics to develop an intimate connection with Reiki energy through all four symbols, their meanings and unique vibrations. This experiential work will heighten your practice and empower your self healing by enhancing your understanding of oneness and unity within our universe.
Saturday, June 18 from 9am to 1pm. 


Private - Individualized Reiki Training Program
Certification Training in: Reiki I. II, RMP
One on One - Private Reiki Training - 
$250 per class
 personally scheduled to meet your needs.
One day or two half-day trainings, and we can spread  it out
over a week or month as you progress - what works for you?

Reiki Mentoring Program
Ongoing Personal Training Program
after your Reiki certification class is completed!  
 Designed to enrich your Reiki evolution 
Each one hour session is devoted to your individual needs,
when you need it. 
Choose a Reiki session, instruction,  
Q & A, meditation or a little of each!

$50 student price per session. Call to schedule.

Reiki Practitioner Group Workshop - $20
First Tuesday of each month from 5:30 -7:30 pm
All Level Practitioners Welcome
Share and deepen your Reiki skills & Experience
June 7 - NO JULY - Aug 2

To Register for Reiki Classes, Workshops or Make an Appointment:
Call or text 518-867-7833 or email

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Reiki Classes, Sessions and Workshops:

Camp Bravehearts
n Oncology Camp for Women

Join a dynamic group of women who know how to live with gusto!!
Are YOU a Survivor?

Join our Camps in 2016:  

Choose your Adventure: Apr 29-May 1

Sun & Sailing: June 23-26
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In my words
I wish you happy days, sunlight streaming through the clouds, gentle breezes, clear starlit nights, laughter to brighten each day, abundance in all aspects of your daily living, vibrant health, gratitude for your own experience, and love to share ~ always.

With Loving Blessings of Light & Peace, Sue

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