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A little About Us

A Little About Us:

Co-founders Susan Vazal, MATP, RMT, CYT and Theresa Cifone RN, RMT (Mother and Daughter team) started the Reiki Room in 1994 with a simple mission ~ to facilitate Reiki Training worldwide and to develop a professional Reiki Energy Therapy practice in service to the general public. That mission and a whole lot more - stands strong today!

A Virtual Look!
Since our inception in 1994, we've come to accept that nothing is permanent except change! And that is the way of Energy ~ moving us in and out of circumstances that foster growth and healing. We thank the universe with gratitude for this exciting "virtual" version of the Reiki Room as we continue to provide Reiki Training, Reiki Energy Therapy, Guided Meditation Yoga and Holistic Workshops to an ever-increasing stream of students and clients, with new and exciting programs under development! 

We've redesigned our website, changed our content, added services, increased our staff, organized some trips and moved from our original storefront in Saratoga Springs, NY to our current location!! Upstairs at 108 Mohawk Ave, Scotia NY 12302, located with Shoptalk Full Service Salon. All to become more mobile, more global & more able to meet your needs. Classes can be designed according to your lifestyle - choose a date from our schedule or together we'll choose one that works for you! Hold the class in your home, at our Center in Scotia or at a conference center.  Or schedule a Therapy session and experience relaxation.... and a whole lot more!

Reiki Training:
We have taught in the U.S.A, the Virgin Islands and Europe. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, including doctors and nurses, priests, engineers, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, hospice workers, healers, those looking for healing & empowerment, white collar, blue collar, housewives, students ~ spanning ages from the teens to the 80's ~ and the list just keeps getting longer!

What YOU need to know about taking a class is that ANYONE can learn Reiki ~ it is effortless, simply a gift of understanding ~ with the "WOW" factor that keeps you excited about it forever, because the core benefit of Reiki is EMPOWERMENT ~ you being actively engaged in your growth and self-healing. 

Reiki Energy Therapy:
Our ongoing (since 1994- 23 years already!) Reiki Therapy Practice gives us the opportunity to provide assistance to clients with a wide range of needs. Many are looking for general stress relief, pain reduction or relaxation ~ who walk away smiling and amazed that it "worked" in such a short time and so easily! Our practice has also opened the doors for symptomatic relief for a huge community who suffer from chronic diseases including (and not limited to) arthritis, cancer, depression, heart attack, MS and Strokes. Equally important is the amazing reduction in recovery time from surgical procedures that Reiki Therapy facilitates. You'll find most hospitals offer Reiki or some type of energy therapy for surgical patients to improve outcomes.

As you read our site we welcome any questions and feedback ~ just click on the "Contact Us" tab to email us.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!! 

Terry and Sue                           

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