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Reiki Classes are taught progressively from Level I to Master Teacher. With each step, the classes become more focused and detailed allowing students to develop specific techniques & deeper understanding of the healing methodology. Students progress at their own speed, following their intuition regarding their readiness to move on.

Three Reiki Training Styles are offered.

 Usui Reiki
Western Takata Style
  Komyo Reiki
Japanese Hayashi Style
  Karuna Reiki®
ICRT - William Rand
 Level I Practitioner - 
History, Energy, Uses, Hand
Positions, Attunement, Practice
  Level I Practitioner - 
History, Precepts, Kanji,Energy,
Uses,Positions, Attunements, Practice
 Level I Practioner-
Development, Symbols, Uses
Attunement, Practice
 Level II Practitioner-
Symbols, Chakras, Energy Body,
Meditation, Attunement, Practice
 Level II Practitioner-
Symbols, Mantras, Chakras, Mindfulness
Balance, Attunements, Practice
 Level II Practioner-
Development, Symbols, Uses
Attunement, Practice
 Level III Master Practitioner-
Symbols, Techniques, Meditation
Attunement, Practice
  Level III Master Practitioner-
Symbols, Techniques, Enlightenment, 
Attunements, Practice
 Master Teacher-
Symbols, Meditation, Attunement
Styles, Practice
 Master Teacher-
Meditation, Attunement
Styles, Practice
 Master Teacher-
Symbols, Meditation, Attunements
Styles, Practice

As you begin your studies, Usui–Western Style is the most commonly taught progression in the world, using specific practices that are easy to replicate. It is perhaps the easiest style for beginners (new to energy work) to learn. Komyo Reiki provides the same information in a different way. Experienced energy workers and those who are comfortable with intuitive practice will enjoy this evolutionary journey in higher consciousness. Karuna training is offered for students who have reached their Master-Practitioner Level in either style.

Our class schedule is designed to offer class availability to fit in each student's busy lifestyle. We also offer intensive weekend classes combining a series of classes for those students who want to complete their degrees quickly. We offer a two-day intensive for Reiki I and Reiki II, a three-day intensive for Advanced Reiki & Reiki Master/Teacher and a three-day intensive for Karuna. Komyo is taught in a series of evening classes. We also understand that many students wish to take a class and experience it for a while before progressing on to the following level. So to best accommodate each student, we offer the "flexible schedule". Call or email us, and we will schedule a class or series of classes for you individually! 

Important Note: We are a local business - that means we are here for you when you complete a class. We have reiki practice share's each month for students to network and develop their skills. We are always available by phone and email just to talk. We volunteer our services in our community to hospitals, cancer support groups and colleges. We Care. 

Reiki I is the first Class in the Usui Reiki curriculum. Upon completion each student will have a basic knowledge of Reiki history, understand fundamental Reiki procedures and experience giving and receiving Reiki through hands-on application in an open and relaxed atmosphere. The course will introduce the student to Reiki's origination, Reiki degree levels, primary level energy techniques and applications and the hand positions for treating the self and others. Students will participate in an attunement ceremony, which allows the student to access the Reiki energy. Once the attunement process is complete, the student will participate in hands-on practice with other students. Each student will receive a handbook and a certificate upon completion. The 8 hour Reiki I class cost is $200

Reiki II is the second class in the Reiki curriculum. Upon completion each student will have knowledge of and experience working with Reiki level II symbols. Reiki Symbols are energetic keys used to enhance and access specific energies. The Reiki II symbols enable each practitioner to facilitate healing at the physical, mental and emotional levels and conduct distance healing. Class discussion will include working with the energetic body and chakra system, symbol applications, and professional ethics. Students will participate in an attunement ceremony similar to the Reiki I attunement. Each student will participate in hands-on practice using the Reiki II symbols and receive a handbook and a certificate. Completion of Reiki I is a prerequisite. The 8 hour
Reiki II Class cost is $200 

Master Practitioner (or Advanced) Reiki
is the third class in the Reiki curriculum. The class is designed to introduce the student to original Japanese Reiki techniques, developed from the Original Usui Reiki School in Japan. In addition each Student will learn Advanced Reiki Symbols that enable the practitioner to develop a heightened state of awareness and conscious practice.  Completion of this level is necessary in preparation for the highly energetic Master/Teacher course. At the conclusion of the attunement ceremony, each student will participate in hands-on practice with other students. Class discussion will include Reiki I and II review and update, the intuitive nature of Reiki, meditation techniques, goal manifestation, advanced symbol applications & professional ethics. Each student will be asked to develop a guided meditation to share in class. A handbook and a certificate will be provided at the conclusion of the class. Completion of Reiki I and II is a prerequisite. The 8 hour
Advanced Reiki Class cost is $200

Reiki III - Master/Teacher Class
 is the 4th and final class in the Usui Reiki curriculum. The class will enable and prepare each student to teach Reiki and conduct Reiki attunement ceremonies (Reiki I, II, Advanced and Master/Teacher.) The Master Teacher Class is designed to generate dedicated Reiki teachers committed to continue with the mission of the Reiki Community by increasing global awareness of Energy Healing. The course will introduce the student to the Master/Teacher symbols - powerful guides used to facilitate spiritual healing. Discussion will include the Healing Methodology, Attunement processes, symbol applications, Teaching principles, and professional ethics. Students will participate in an attunement and learn to conduct all attunement ceremonies. They will experience intense hands-on review and practice. Students are asked to bring a guided meditation of their choice to use during the Teacher Training component. Each student will receive a handbook and a certificate. Completion of Reiki I, II and Master Practitioner Reiki is a prerequisite. The Reiki III - Master/Teacher Class Cost is $400.00.

The Karuna Reiki
Series is taught during a two-day weekend. This special advanced series is only available to Reiki Master Practitioners or Teachers. Karuna was developed by the International Center for Reiki Training. Eight healing symbols and four Master Symbols are taught in this Class. Each symbol has a specific purpose and vibration. When practitioners are conducting a healing session, Karuna symbols can be used to amplify and speed the client's recovery. Each student may complete the master practitioner or master teacher levels. Discussion will include Spirituality, Global education of Reiki energy and developing an enhanced Reiki practice. A series of daily attunements and hands-on practice will allow the students to develop experience with Karuna Reiki Energy. Completion of Usui Master Practitioner Level is a prerequisite. The Cost is $400.00 for Level I & II and an additional $400 should you wish to complete the Karuna Master Teacher training.

Komyo Reiki is a form of Reiki training that provides a more esoteric understanding of Reiki focused in spiritual enlightenment and healing. Hyakuten INAMOTO, the founder of Komyo Reiki is a Japanese Buddist Monk who received his training in Japan from Mrs Yamaguchi, a student of Mr. Hayashi who was one of Mr. Usui's originally trained Master Teachers. The basic style of training is simple and profound. Sue spent 2012 in training with Inamoto Sensei, and she is honored to have earned the title Shihan, or Master Teacher in the Komyo Reiki Lineage. This form of Reiki is taught in four levels similar to Usui Western Reiki Training. The  $1200.00 total cost includes all four classes. Level I, II and III (KMP) are $200 each, Teacher -Shihan training is $600.

Private instruction for all level classes is available on an individual basis if a student is unable to attend regularly scheduled classes.

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