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 We Offer Workshops in Meditation, Group Guided Meditation and Individual & Group Past Life Regression Sessions. 

Meditation is a versatile form of relaxation that enables you to relieve stress, increase creativity, manifest goals and give yourself quiet time. It can be performed while you are walking, seated, alone or in a group. You can use the time to re-center and cleanse yourself of internal pollution. As you develop the techniques that are best suited for you, you will have in place a process to discard daily stress and facilitate self-healing.



How it works~

Meditation is the process whereby the physical body and conscious self (ego) are held in a state of relaxation allowing the unconscious self to emerge. The Buddha said “When the body is mastered, the mind is mastered – and visa-versa”. This reciprocal nature of mind and body can easily be understood as: Anger will produce harsh breathing and a fight/flight/freeze response in the body. On the other hand, calm concentration brings breathing to a very subtle level and relaxation to the physical body. As the physical is affected, so the thought and emotional energy levels of the body are affected.  And as the energy levels are affected, so is the physical body.

Meditation is a practice that calms the body and mind, and is used to facilitate relaxation, self-healing and self-empowerment.


Find Your Space~

Meditation is optimally done in a quiet private place where you will remain undisturbed. Prior to beginning a meditation it is important to cleanse or purify the space you will be occupying. A very simple procedure will clear your space and provide security as you enter your meditation. Chose your location with the clear idea you will create a sacred space in which to relieve stress, or to receive enlightenment (guidance and understanding). Eliminate noise, phones, TV’s etc. by turning them off. Create the intention that the chosen space is for meditation. This can be easily done by just observing the area you have chosen and state to yourself that “this area is now my meditation space and for that use alone”. You may use holy water, activate spiritual symbols or burn sage with the intent that all stuck energy is brushed out, and the area is clear.  "Only that which thrives in divinity can be in this vicinity" can be used as a clearing mantra. Use of Feng Shui principles can enhance the choice of location by encouraging the correct flow of ki (or energy). Using symbols such as Om, lighting candles and the sound of running water and soft background music (with no words) will also enhance the atmosphere.



Set Your Intention~

Once you have determined your space, you must decide why you are going to meditate, and set your intention. What is your desired outcome? It can be relaxation of the body, release of emotional or mental stress, healing for a specific injury or disease, to find the answer to a question, or to experience a guided journey for the pure enjoyment of it.


Types of Meditation~

There are many types of meditation that generally are used for two specific reasons. First, many people are seeking health related benefits. Second, many are looking for the answers to the meaning of life (and death). Many are looking for both. The process of meditation allows the mind to focus exclusively on one subject, allowing for insight and healing as the mind is freed from carrying the self (or ego). Meditation is a sure way to change the focus of your mind and to build new habit energies that will create the future you want. The future will coincide with the seed ideas you plant now. This is the message of hope.


 Healing Meditation

 During healing meditation the body is focused on a healing method that affects the physical and all other aspects of the energy body (mental, emotional and spiritual) allowing self-healing to occur. Circulation of energy, breath work, visualization and moving meditations are all powerful healing tools.

Guided Imagery Meditation used for healing is an extremely powerful tool that can be easily modified for all types of healing for all age groups. By introducing a guided meditation as a healing “daydream” most people understand the overall concept and are willing to experience it. A mental image is a thought with sensory qualities. It is something we mentally see, hear, taste, smell, touch, or feel. The term “guided imagery” refers to a wide variety of techniques, including simple visualization and direct suggestion using imagery, metaphor and story-telling, fantasy exploration and game playing, dream interpretation, drawing, and active imagination where elements of the unconscious are invited to appear as images that can communicate with the conscious mind.

Once considered an “alternative” “or complementary” approach, guided imagery is now finding widespread scientific and public acceptance, and it is being used to teach psychophysiological relaxation, alleviate anxiety and depression, relieve physical and psychological symptoms, overcome health-endangering habits, and help patients prepare for surgery and tolerate procedures more comfortably.


Enlightenment & Meditation

Singular focus to completely free the mind from daily earthly thoughts to allow for spiritual enlightenment has been practiced by monks and holy persons (seekers) from the beginning of time. Mantra repetition, Zen mind control, chanting and to a lesser degree mindfulness allow the mind to detach from the ego. With separation from the ego enlightenment can occur. Separation from the ego occurs when the meaningless mind chatter stops, when the conscious mind is still and the unconscious mind is able to express and/or process each person’s truth. It is at the level of the unconscious that goal manifestation is enabled as the energetic persona is directly connected to the universal energy where manifestation occurs.



Goal Manifestation


Goal Manifestation is a three step process: Visualization, Vocalization and Action. To make something occur, first you have to think of it. Once the thought is in your mind, it must be discussed with others, or written down. The most important part is the third step, to take action toward that goal. Many wonderful ideas do not become manifest due to inaction.


In the process of a meditation for goal manifestation, the steps are quite simple. First is to determine what it is you wish in your life (step one). As you begin a guided meditation, begin to see yourself living your goal. Then see yourself actively participating with others in this goal activity (step two). Then see this goal as so completely part of your life, that you see, feel and live the effects of this goal in all the other parts of your life now (step three). Maintain complete trust that the goal is completed, and it will be realized now.



Mindfulness Meditation:

This form of meditation is very simple. You can apply it to everything in your life. As you go about each task in your day, simply be mindful of that task exclusively. When you eat, concentrate on each bite of food you put in your mouth: the color, smell, texture and taste. Chew slowly and enjoy each bite. As you apply this same principle to each thing you do, by concentrating on each task you will have a new awareness of your accomplishments, and time will seem to slow down. You will begin to enjoy your life and realize each thing you do has its own beauty and satisfaction. By removing the mind chatter that annoys you and takes your focus from your activities, your unconscious mind is clear and free to provide unimpeded mental, emotional and spiritual energy to the activity you are engaged in. 



Mantra Meditation:

A mantra is the internal continual repetition of a single word or spiritual phrase. It can be described as a formula possessing power to connect you to something sacred. Mantra work can purify the spiritual heart, increase concentration, and encourage singular focus. You can use this type of process also with affirmation work. As you go about your day you can say to yourself many types of affirmations for self healing.

I am energetic and full of vitality.
                I am now full of radiant health and energy.

I am glad I was born and I love being alive.

I am now ready to accept a happy, fulfilling relationship.

I am now creating my life exactly as I want it.



Chanting Meditation:

Chanting is the oral repetition of phrases for spiritual affirmation, health, happiness and single-minded focus. It is generally done in groups, gaining strength with numbers. The power of Gregorian and Tibetan chanting is well known.  There are many wonderful tapes and CD’s available to listen to. As you absorb the sound, the vibration of the energy will help you to relax and heal. You do not have to understand the words, as the sound alone (the vibration) is the healing instrument.


If the Gregorian and Tibetan chanting are not easy for you to listen to, classical music by Mozart and Bach has the same effect, and will relax your muscles and release stress.




Written Meditation:

By starting a notebook of your own, you may accomplish a large step in your goal manifestation to meditate.  You may use it to list:


1.      Affirmations – write them all down and read them to yourself at special times of the day. Leave room to add to the list.

2.      Success List – write down all the things you are successful at with the purpose to acknowledge yourself and your abilities. Continue to add to it!

3.      Appreciation List- List everything you are thankful for, it will amaze you and open your awareness of the riches in your life you take for granted.

4.      Self-Esteem List- Write down all your positive attributes. The better you feel about yourself, and the more you acknowledge your worth, the happier you will be. Your happiness will overflow into all parts of your life.

5.      Giving List – Write down all the ways you give of yourself to others including time, money, love, attention, affection, energy, friendship, special talents and abilities. As you give of yourself, you will receive back tenfold.

6.      Healing List – List the names of people and places who need healing, support and assistance. Write down special affirmations for them, and include them in your daily affirmation reading.

7.      Ideas List – Write down all your ideas, thoughts, plans, dreams and creative ideas for the future. Expand on each idea as you review them. This will stimulate your creativity and energy needed to manifest those ideas. Add to the list, no matter how crazy your ideas sound! 


The keys to meditation are:

1.      honor yourself

2.      keep it simple

3.      follow the same type of meditation each time as you begin your practice

4.      keep to a schedule you will follow

5.      enjoy the benefits

6.      Remember to Breathe!



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