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Mini Lessons
Extremely important in becoming a Reiki Practitioner is an understanding of “Gokai”  the Five Principles for Happiness developed by Mikao Usui Sensei. These principles describe a philosophy of life designed to develop psychological mindsets of simplicity, mindfulness, authenticity and compassion.


The five Usui principles state:

                      Just for Today ~                         Kyo dake wa ~

                               Do Not be Angry                       Ikaru na

                               Do Not be Worried                    Shin pai suna

                               Be Grateful                               Kan sha shi te

                               Do Your Duties Fully                 Gyo-o hage me

                               Be Kind to Others                     Hito ni shin setsu ni


During original Japanese training, Reiki students were taught to mindfully chant these morning and night as a meditative practice, so they energetically entrain or become part of their subconscious understanding (similar to developing a habit). The outcome of this training is for the student to live their daily life according to the principles without having to consciously think about them.  


In our first mini training we will discuss the introduction to the principles: Just For Today. In subsequent months, we will discuss each one of the principles. We encourage your feedback or comments and will post some on the website each month as this series continues.

Just For Today ~ Kyo dake wa

To focus fully during this day you are experiencing, is also known as “living in the now”. According to another well know phrase, the past is gone, the future unknown and now is your “present”. Simply, as an aspect of how to live your life on a daily basis, your focus is the most important tool. Focusing your consciousness to be present in each moment and being fully involved in whatever activity you are engaged in, is living in the now. You will find a richer experience of life when you engage it this way. This is also known as “mindfulness”  –  a very rewarding meditative practice.

Many of us have a tendency to live in the future, looking forward to future events as the “best part” of the day and so miss out on what we’re accomplishing as we daydream of what is to come. The juice of life comes from the actual experience, moment to moment. When our focus is not there we miss it!

The easiest way to make any change is to approach it as – “just for today”. If your goal is to live a more present life simply state that message to yourself each morning with meaningful intention. If during the day you find yourself wandering from that, just restate it and continue on. You’ll find in a very short time that your focus has changed and you’ll be living in and enjoying your Present! 

Do Not Be Angry ~  Ikaru na 
Anger is a reflex emotion that we can control, one of many strong human emotions. Our basic programming of the fight/flight/freeze response aids in our ability to get through traumatic experiences and challenges. In using our animal based response technique, once the event is concluded we should move on to the next moment or event in our day, releasing those now uneccessary emotions to better experience the "now". The human anger emotion sometimes holds us back from closure as we relive an event over and over in our memory. Not only is this harmful physically (causing elevated heart rate, blood pressure, stress response) but it is also a waste of energy. We have the use of the anger emotion to assist us in being present, marshalling our physiological focus and utilizing all our talent and abilities to survive. Once the survival event is over however, the emotion is no longer needed and should be released. Animals will do it by shaking - a strong physiological release mechanism. As humans we have many ways to release stress, physically through some type of sport, mentally/emotionally by meditation and spiritually by giving it over to  a higher power. Be strong, survive, release, enjoy and live ~ in the now.    

Do Not Worry ~ Shin pai suna
Worry is a condition where you consider all the "what-it" scenarios associated with anything going on in your life. And it consists of more negative thought patterns than positive ones. It is the flip-side of Wouldn't it be Nice daydreaming. If you consider that your brain is a very active part of your physical being that enjoys activity as much as the rest of the body, you realize that the brain is not really overactive in the worry mode, it's just bored. So how do you slow it all down? Well, it is relatively easy, but takes practice. Being in the now - focusing your intention and attention to whatever you are doing at exactly this moment, every moment, will keep the brain so occupied it will not begin to search for something to keep it busy. A very easy way to disrupt the worry thought pattern's is to breathe. Just follow a single breath in through the nose, down into the lungs, feel them rise, feel the breath release out, back out through the mouth. Follow those steps at least three times or six or nine. You will then realize you have a clear mind. Next step is to focus your attention on what you are really doing at that point in time. Keep practicing breathing and focusing and you will easily stay clearly in the now!

Be Grateful  ~  Kan sha shi te
To be grateful is to be thankful. This simple statement applies to everything in your life. There is nothing that appears for you without a reason or a lesson. It can be simply to enjoy beauty. It can be a powerful reminder of the impermanence of life as we understand it. And that is a reminder to accept that the universe may have a different plan for you! If you breathe, back up and observe without the ego filter or by looking for expected outcomes you can come to the truth of a matter. And the grace of life will flow within you. If you observe through the filter of your heart - no praise, no blame - in a zen sort of  way - no right no wrong - it just is, you may find enlightenment  comes easily to you. And that is when you become grateful.. for the knowing, the wisdom, the truth.  Detach from the doing, Merge into the Being... Breathe Grace and Be Grateful.

Do Your Duties Fully   ~   Gyo-o hage me
Duties summon up obligation to complete all tasks we have taken on. That is a rather dry look at life and our work! It is so much more meaningful to focus our energy through the lense of our heart as we do our jobs and conduct our business. Focusing our intention on our work and seeing it in an enjoyable light will enhance our accomplishment and more than that.. it will feed our soul. Even a simple task such as washing dishes should be done with full attention to the dishes, the water, the bubbles and the shining surfaces of the cleaned plates, utensils and cooking pots. They have provided a loving experience helping to nourish our bodies. In our outside jobs as we negotiate the world around us, we should also place the same loving attention and gratefulness as we co-create energy that becomes business, manufacturing, science, healthcare and (oh yes) government. Each one of us is equally important in creating goodness in our lives. Look within for the happiness. And begin each day with "I am happy". 

Be Kind to Others ~ Hito ni shin setsu ni
Kindness is probably the easiest thing to do! It entails just noticing other people and being aware of their state of mind. If they're happy allow that happiness to fill you as well. If they are not so happy, determine what little thing you can do to either assist them, or just let them know you care. Sometimes just listening is the thing they need. By the simple act of being aware of others needs, you raise your level of loving kindness. Act upon your awareness and you receive more than you give. Being kind is offering water to an animal, smiling at an old person, sitting alone on a bench, opening a door for someone who is about to enter or exit, offering a shopping cart to the next person in line, calling a relative to just say Hi, telling your family members you love them. None of those things costs money, just a moment or two of your plentiful time. Pay kindness forward.. it will be returned to you many times over.

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