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Reiki Therapy Treatment
Reiki Therapy ~ The Experience

Reiki energy
is experienced during a non-invasive, hands on treatment while an individual relaxes fully clothed. A Reiki therapist softly places their hands on (or over) the client in a series of standard positions developed to address the whole body. The infusion of Reiki energy facilitates and accelerates the body's natural healing abilities.

Each client relaxes in a softly lit room, on a therapy table or chair for an hour or more while they listen to gentle music and/or nature sounds. If a client is unable to get on a table, any seated position will work; they can also lie on a floor mat if that works best for them. The essence of the client position is that any position will work as long as they are comfortable. It is recommended that you remove restricting items such as glasses, shoes and belts during the session. A full Reiki treatment can be experienced while seated in a wheelchair.

The therapist will begin a session by briefly explaining Reiki energy therapy and the treatment process to the client, to make them more at ease. They will usually be asked to read and sign a waiver that states they understand the treatment goal is for relaxation purposes. To begin treatment, the therapist will ask the client to relax and join in the intention that the treatment be beneficial and for their highest good. Most therapists begin a treatment with the client resting on their back. The basic hand positions begin on the head, and end at the feet. Once the front of the body is completed, they will be asked to carefully roll over so their back can be addressed. The reverse order is equally as effective. Most generally, the client is so relaxed at "half-time" they will be surprised the treatment is half completed!

Starting with the first hand position, a client can expect to experience a range of feelings. They may go to sleep, and sleep throughout the entire session (and that's ok!). They may feel heat from the hands of their therapist. They may experience tingling, waves of energy, bubbles, stomach gurgling, laughter, tears, sighing, deep breaths, or just feel very relaxed. It all depends on their personal physical and emotional environment. However they experience the treatment, it is correct for them. As they become more experienced with Reiki treatment and a relationship builds between the therapist and client, variations of the treatment can develop. The therapist can focus on specific body placements or work in the aura - the energy field surrounding the body. During any treatment the client may specify an area they would like to have addressed.

At the close of a therapy session, it is recommended that the client slowly sit up and rest for a moment prior to standing. It is wise to offer water while the client is seated, and to recommend they increase the amount of water they normally drink to help flush toxins from their system.

Similar to the benefits of ongoing Massage Therapy, Reiki Therapy also helps in the healthy maintenance of your body. We recommend monthly sessions to facilitate and support your good health!

Reiki Room Fees:

One Hour Session: $90.00

90 minute Session ~ with guided imagery: $125.00


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