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Reiki & Cancer

Reiki and Cancer:

For well over ten years the Reiki Room has been providing Reiki therapy services to Camp Bravehearts participants (link below) by volunteering a day during their camping events. During a survey taken at the October 2010 Camp at the Double H Hole in the Woods Camp in Lake Vanare NY, the results were not only eye-opening, but were staggering by affirming the years of personal comments we each received from the individual Campers. We knew the therapeutic results each camper experienced were good.. but the proof blew us away!

The Reiki Therapy Camper survey used a standard scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest & 10 the highest.
The beginning range is set at the start of the session, the ending range is at the completion of the session. 
Each session lasted 30 minutes.
The first set of figures (1-5) are physical symptoms and emotional issues each survivor constantly struggles with. 
The second set of figures (A&B) indicate the change in overall feelings.
                              Beginning Range            Ending Range                  Avg. % of change

1.      Mind Chatter              7-10                             1-2                                       70%

2.      Nausea                        7-9                                1-4                                       55%                     

3.      Stress                           5-8                                1-2                                       50%

4.      Anxiety                         4-7                                1-3                                       35%

5.      Pain                              3-8                                1-3                                       35%


A.      Relaxation                      1-2                        8-10                                         75%

B.      Well Being                      1-3                        9-10                                         75%

Needless to say, Reiki Therapy helps you to cope with Cancer. If you wish to experience or learn this simple therapy, we are here to help. 

Camp Bravehearts is a wonderful Support Group for all women cancer survivors.  If you are a cancer survior, visit the website and apply to attend a camp. The cost is minimal, and you will be welcomed with open arms and with an open heart! 

Our Reiki Room special volunteer group of Reiki Masters has lovingly provided reiki therapy for the Camp Bravehearts participants, now starting our eighth season! By providing our services to campers we are able to assist our ladies for a few moments of serene wellness, offering them the ability to totally let their burdens and cares drift away and just relax, helping them to restore a sense of balance.

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