Reiki Room ~ Healing Arts Studio


What is Reiki?

pronounced ray-key) is an Energy Therapy

 It promotes good health through relaxation, stress relief and  pain  management. Reiki Energy is known as "universal life force  energy". It is transmitted from the untapped reservoir of energy  that  surrounds us in the universe, in it's purest form. As a therapist places  their hands on (or over) a client an energetic connection is formed  through the therapist ~ as the client draws in the energy they need for  the healing treatment. The human body is an intelligent organism that  knows what it requires to heal. By original design it is created to self  heal through cellular regeneration. 

 Through the centuries the human intellect has looked for assistance  in healing through various methods. Reiki is thought to originate as  "palm healing" in ancient Asia. Similar hands on methods are found in  every ancient culture world wide. Through intent and expectation (or  thought creates form) healing is facilitated as reconnected source  energy realigns the human infrastructure, on all levels.

Stress relief

Consider how daily interactive living creates stress. That stress affects the body by slowing down the operating systems (limbic, electrical, energetic, neuromuscular, etc) causing toxic buildup, and deposits of slow, dense matter that further impair how the body functions. We are all aware of the increased level of stress we experience compared to even 5 years ago. There are many ways of reducing stress levels including yoga, exercise and massage. Reiki therapy is another simple way to reduce the stress. It's benefits are relaxation, pain relief and accelerated healing from injury. 

Integrative energy therapy
Reiki therapy is widely known as an integrative energy therapy - found in the 2007 Mayo Clinic Guide to Alternative Medicine and recognized by NIH (National Institutes of Health - see their NCCAM website). It is used in Cancer treatment centers, hospitals and clinics world wide ~ for reduction of nausea, accelerated healing of radiation burns and overall reduction of chemotherapy side affects. Clients who suffer from Arthritis receive pain relief and increased mobility. Many hospitals recommend Reiki therapy pre and post surgery and have recorded reduced pain medication and shorter hospital stays due to quicker recovery. Reiki therapy has grown to become an important integrative therapy in many American hospitals including Beth Israel, Yale University, University of Michigan, and is offered in Veteran's Hospitals nationwide.

Probably the most precious gift of Reiki is the empowerment you will receive if you take a class. It is a healing tool that can be learned in one day and becomes a permanent part of your life. Anyone can learn, because the ability to connect to the energy is passed from Teacher to Student during an attunement ceremony. The educational aspect is secondary, after the connection and is learned by experience. It truly becomes a practice. There are several levels within the training program, each one more intense than the former. However, with completion of just the first degree, anyone will be able to perform Reiki on themselves and others.

 The Reiki kanji is a Japanese pictograph that means "spiritually guided life  force energy". Kanji are the Japanese writing form, originating in China over  3000 years ago. Kanji are formed by individual pen strokes that each have a  meaning. As they are joined together, they have a more complete meaning,  and often paint a picture. The Reiki kanji combines two kanji ~ Rei (at the  top) and Ki (at the bottom).

 Rei - means spiritual wisdom, and depicts spiritually guided  consciousness that emerges as awareness in the physical or earth  reality. It is realized and understood by visualization, voice and movement.

 Ki - means energy, depicted as life force energy with the cooking of a pot of  rice over a cooking fire, giving off steam that rises to spirit to begin the rei  cycle once again.

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