Komyo ReikiDo

An empowering spiritual practice

emerging directly from Japan with over-

tones of Buddhism, emphasizing enlightenment through personal healing. This style emulates the 

authentic Usui 1920's training methodology

with gracious simplicity and 

sacred reverence.

Komyo ReikiDo History

 Komyo ReikiDo (pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Do) was developed & founded in Kyoto Japan by Japanese Pure Land (Jodo Shu) Buddhist Monk & renown international teacher Hyakuten Inamoto, Sensei.    Komyo ReikiDo follows traditional Japanese training following the Usui-Hayashi Lineage. It proceeds from Mikao Usui, to Chujiro Hayashi to Mrs. Yamaguchi and to Inamoto Hyakuten, Shihan, founder of Komyo ReikiDo.  The concise lineage has graced this style of Reiki with clarity and authenticity.

Komyo ReikiDo is a keep-it-simple Reiki system & practice, based on the Japanese aesthetic of Less is More. The practice motto is: Place your hands, Surrender & Smile. Simple to learn & profound in the effect on mind, body & inner being.

Komyo = Light or illumination
Reiki     = Sacred Energy of the Universe
​Do         = Spiritual Path or Way 

                                                                                  " Go placidly in the midst of praise or blame " as your path unfolds.


Hyakuten Inamoto, Sensei 

Founder of Komyo ReikiDo

Class Standards


Class Standards

Class standards listed below, are minimum requirements for Komyo ReikiDo classes. Duration of classes are not restricted & may be extended where necessary or broken down into increments to suit your timetable & teaching style.  Official Komyo ReikiDo manuals are  provided for Komyo ReikiDo courses. All ​Reiju or attunements must be given in person. There are four (4) levels in Komyo ReikiDo.

初伝 ​Shoden (Level 1)
Duration -  Min. 5 hours
4 Reiju

中伝 Chuden (Level 2)
Duration -  Min. 4 hours
4 Reiju
3 Symbols and uses
Minimum one (1) month before eligible to sit for Chuden after Shoden.

This level is the minimum for practitioners who offer their services to the public.
Shoden & Chuden levels emphasize healing by physical hands.

奥伝 Okuden (Level 3)
Duration -  Min. 6 hours
2 Reiju
1 Symbol and it's use

Minimum six (6) months before eligible to sit for Okuden after Chuden.

神秘伝 Shinpiden (Teaching Level)
Duration - Min. 10 hours
Review of all levels
Reiju Techniques
Minimum twelve (12) months before eligible to sit for Shinpiden after Okuden.​

Okuden & Shinpiden levels are about healing by spiritual hands.

Schedule Training

Training classes are offered on an individual basis. Contact for more information and to develop your training plan.