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A Time to Heal

During this turbulent time of global change, our focus is to continually and diligently resonate Reiki Healing Energy to each person, in all countries on our Earth, and out into the Universe. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, sourced by the Universe and it resides equally in each of us. We welcome each of you to join us: at any time and for as long as it feels right to you; quietly focus on your heart, then open your awareness in a field of healing energy or love and share it unconditionally as it flows outward in limitless vibrational waves. Your healing resonance will join with all healing energy to continue to uplift and support the healing of humanity in all places and in all ways. You do not have to be trained in Reiki to do this. Simply bring your awareness and compassion to your heart and let Loving Kindness flow. 

We wish you Health, Love and Light.      Namaste, Sue, Terry  & Dee 

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Who We Are

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Classes

Reiki Room Co-founders 

Susan B Rash Vazal MATP, RMT, CYT    and Theresa S Rash Cifone RN, RMT established the Reiki Room in 1994 with a simple mission ~       

to facilitate Reiki Training and develop a professional Reiki Therapy Practice. That mission still stands strong today!


Reiki Sessions offer clients a wide range of assistance including general stress relief, pain reduction, relaxation and symptomatic relief from chronic diseases including arthritis, cancer, depression, MS and strokes. Equally impressive is the reduction in recovery time from surgical procedures that Reiki facilitates. Most local hospitals offer Reiki or other energy therapy to support healing and improve outcomes.

We offer Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher Certification Classes in all levels of four unique styles of Reiki. Anyone can learn Reiki, for personal  & family use, and for therapeutic professional practices. Contact us directly to develop an individual training plan.

Student Mentoring sessions for Reiki Students individualized needs are offered at $75 per hour. This can be in person. by phone or by Skype! If you've taken any level Reiki, haven't practiced for a while and want to start up again, give me a call! We'll do a quick review  & attunement so you're back in the energy zone! Take the time to renew, revitalize and refresh! 

We are a local business - that means we are here for you when you complete a Reiki class by offering group Practice Workshops (Shares) each month for students to network, develop advanced skills and build confidence. 

Reiki Student Practice Share: 

$20 Donation. 


Shares are held at Sue's House in Scotia. 

Please RSVP; call or text for directions.

Looking for a  Reiki Practitioner 

or Teacher Closer to You, 

or  in another State?

Check out our Teachers Page for a growing list of Reiki Room trained Masters who are your best resource!

Call/text/email  Sue at the Reiki Room

518-867-7833 or sue@reikiroom.org


Reiki Classes

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes are taught progressively from

Level I to Master Teacher. With each successive step, classes are more focused, empowering students to develop advanced techniques and deeper understanding of the healing practice.    Every class has an experiential component for students to practice and integrate what they have just learned. Students progress in the class levels at their own speed, honoring their intuition and personal goals regarding their readiness to move forward. We  offer all Reiki classes throughout the year, with a very flexible training program to work specifically with your active schedule. If you're interested in a class, call or text and together we'll create a training plan that works best for you! 


We Offer Four Styles of Reiki training: 

  1. Usui Shiki Ryoho - from Traditional Japanese origins, a western developed methodical hands on healing style and the most widely recognized Reiki training worldwide
  2. Karuna Reiki & Holy Fire Karuna - an  advanced western symbolic study independently developed to expand awareness of energy vibration through symbols. 
  3. Komyo ReikiDo - an authentic Japanese spiritual Reiki journey practicing Eastern Style discipline, emphasizing enlightenment through personal healing  while integrating the paths of Buddhism and Energy Healing.
  4. Animal Reiki - Reiki based Energy Healing techniques developed to assist animals to heal in a non-invasive and gentle manner. 

Click on the Reiki Classes page for details of each style of Reiki and a summary of topics in each class level. For additional information and to develop a training plan: call/text 518-867-7833 or email  sue@reikiroom.org

Practitioner Classes : $250 each class

Begin or Continue your healing journey

A Private Reiki Class?? YES!!

  We also schedule private classes according to Student requests.  If you are ready to take a class, contact us and we will schedule the class you wish to take  according to your and our best availability.

Reiki Teacher Training: $2000

Teacher Training is offered for Usui, Komyo and Karuna Reiki. The classes will extend over a four day period of time. Prior Certification in Reiki I , II and RMP are required for eligibility.  

Payment in full is due prior to all training classes.



Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Healing Energy is experienced during a non-invasive session while you relax fully clothed on a treatment table or seated in a chair. Soothing music enhances the healing environment while a practitioner softly places their hands on (or over) each client in a series of standard positions developed to address the whole body/being. The gentle infusion of Reiki energy facilitates the body's natural healing abilities and processes.

Each relaxing session releases stress, reduces pain and clears mind chatter. The body restores natural balance in physical, mental and emotional realms. Reiki is a natural gift of rest, relaxation and restoration!

Reiki is described as an integrative energy therapy on the Mayo Clinic website, and is recognized by NIH (National Institutes of Health) on their NCCAM website. Reiki therapy is utilized at Cancer treatment centers, hospitals and clinics world wide for reduction of nausea, accelerated healing from radiation burns and overall reduction of chemotherapy side effects. 

Clients who suffer from Arthritis describe pain relief and increased mobility. Many hospitals recommend Reiki therapy pre and post surgery and have recorded reduced pain medication and shorter hospital stays due to quicker recovery. Reiki therapy has grown to become an important therapy in many American hospitals including Dana Farber, Beth Israel, Yale University, University of Michigan, and is offered in Veteran's Hospitals nationwide.

A one hour session will provide

relief from what ails you. Your session will last for about 90 minutes, including  pre and post session discussion.

One Hour Session - $150.00

To Schedule an appointment:

call/text 518-867-7833

or email sue@reikiroom.org


On A Personal Journey?

Reiki is a simple therapy that you can use for yourself  anytime, anywhere to ease pain and tension, facilitate clarity, and promote peace and tranquility.

So Yes!! You can do this for Yourself!

The first level training class will give you the tools to use this awesome gift immediately.  What are you waiting for?




Reiki Practitioner Class

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

One Day Reiki  Certification Class

Please call or text to register for the class.

518-867-7833 or 

email sue@reikiroom.org


Reiki Session

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

One Hour Reiki Session

Please call or text to make your appointment: 

518-867-7833 or 

email sue@reikiroom.org


Student Mentoring

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Mentoring for Reiki Students to deepen their practice available by phone or in person. Call/text 518-867-7833 to schedule.


Reiki Master Teacher Training

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Reiki Teacher Training is a 3+ day adventure as you develop the tools and techniques to train others.

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