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About Us

Who We Are

Co-founders Susan Vazal, MATP, RMT, CYT and Theresa Cifone RN, RMT established the Reiki Room in 1994 with a simple mission ~ to facilitate Reiki Training and develop a professional Reiki Therapy practice in service to the general public. That mission still stands strong today!


Our Practice offers clients a wide range of assistance including general stress relief, pain reduction, relaxation and  symptomatic relief for those who suffer from chronic diseases including arthritis, cancer, depression, heart attack, MS and Strokes. Equally impressive is the reduction in recovery time from surgical procedures that Reiki therapy facilitates. You'll find local hospitals offer Reiki or some type of energy therapy for surgical patients to improve outcomes.

We offer Certification Training Classes in all levels of three unique styles of Reiki. Anyone can learn Reiki, for personal and family use, and for professional practices.

We are a local business - that means we are here for you when you complete a Reiki class, by offering group practice workshops each month for students to network and develop skills.

Reiki Practice is held on the first Wednesday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30; $20 at the door. 

2018 dates: Feb 7, Mar 7, Apr 4, May 2, Jun 6, no July, Aug 1, Sept 5, Oct 3, Nov 7,  Dec 5. 

In addition, personal Mentoring Sessions for Students individualized needs are available. Call/text for appointment 518-867-7833   


Reiki Training

Reiki Classes are taught progressively from Level I to Master Teacher. With each successive step, classes are more focused allowing students to develop advanced techniques & deeper understanding of the healing methodology. Each class has an experiential component for students to practice what they have just learned. Students progress at their own speed, honoring their intuition regarding their readiness to move on. 

Three styles of Reiki training classes are offered at the Reiki Room; Usui Shiki Ryoho - a Western developed style and the most widely recognized training worldwide, Karuna Reiki - a western advanced symbolic study and Komyo Reiki - an authentic Japanese spiritual journey emphasizing personal healing and enlightenment. 

All our classes are small, with no more than 6 students to foster an open and interactive learning environment. Click on the Reiki Classes page for details.

For additional information and to register for a class: call/text 518-867-7833 or email  sue@reikiroom.org

Current Classes

Jan 20 -  Usui Reiki I - $250 - 10am to 3pm.

Feb 3 - Usui Reiki II - $250 -10am to 3pm 

Feb 17 -  Usui Reiki Master Practitioner -  $250 - 10am to 3pm


Reiki Sessions

Reiki Energy is experienced during a non-invasive session while you relax fully clothed on a treatment table or seated in a chair. Soothing music enhances the healing environment while a practitioner softly places their hands on (or over) a client in a series of standard positions developed to address the whole body. The gentle infusion of Reiki energy facilitates and accelerates the body's natural healing abilities. 

This relaxing session releases stress, can reduce pain and clears the mind of chatter. The body restores balance in physical, mental and emotional realms. it's a gift of rest and relaxation!

Reiki is widely known as an integrative energy therapy - on the Mayo Clinic website, and recognized by NIH (National Institutes of Health) on their NCCAM website. Reiki is utilzed at Cancer treatment centers, hospitals and clinics world wide ~ for reduction of nausea, accelerated healing of radiation burns and overall reduction of chemotherapy side affects. Clients who suffer from Arthritis receive pain relief and increased mobility. Many hospitals recommend Reiki therapy pre and post surgery and have recorded reduced pain medication and shorter hospital stays due to quicker recovery. Reiki therapy has grown to become an important therapy in many American hospitals including Beth Israel, Yale University, University of Michigan, and is offered in Veteran's Hospitals nationwide.

A one hour session will provide relief from what ails you. 

One Hour Session - $100.00

For an appointment:

call/text 518-867-7833

or email sue@reikiroom.org


Reiki Session


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One Hour Reiki Session

Please call or text to make your appointment: 

518-867-7833 or 

email sue@reikiroom.org

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